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We can provide products and services to meet the needs of all Landlords. Please choose from the following options:

Lettings Stationery
We can supply a Complete Stationery Pack which includes a Short Assured Tenancy Agreement(SAT), an Inventory, a Notice to Quit(NTQ) and free AT5, AT6, Section 33 & Repairing Standards notifications. These documents can also be ordered separately. Order online and we will email them to you in Rich Text Format so that they can be read on any computer.

Complete Stationery Pack £25.00
SAT, free AT5 & Repairing Standards notification £15.00
NTQ, free AT6 & Section 33 notification £10.00
Inventory £5.00

Linking To Your Website
We can provide a link from our site to yours for only £10.00 per year. If you provide a reciprocal link there is no charge.

Property Schedule Webpage
If you supply digital photographs and text we can create a web page for you - we charge only £50.00. We would always recommend including photographs of your property but for a text only schedule we charge £30.00. The schedule will remain on our site until the property is let. Re-advertising with no changes will cost only £25.00.

Tenant Finding & Vetting - This service is currently unavailable.
We can find prospective tenants from our waiting list for £50. We can arrange viewings for prospective tenants. We can obtain references from prospective tenants and check their validity. We can also arrange for guarantors. We can arrange for the tenant to sign the AT5 and SAT. Prices dependant on work required.

Inventory Preparation - This service is currently unavailable.
We can complete an Inventory of the property with the new tenant and do an outgoing Inventory check at the end of the tenancy. We charge only £100.00.

Full Property Management - This service is currently unavailable.
We can provide a full service for Landlords who are unable or do not wish to deal with the day to day practicalities of letting their properties. Prices from 15% of monthly rent.

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