Granite City Property Rentals


All of our properties are let as Private Residential Tenancies. The rent is payable monthly in advance and we require one month's rent as a security deposit. Monthly rent should be paid by Standing Order.
We will prepare an Inventory and do Incoming/Outgoing checks on the property. We do not charge for Incoming/Outgoing checks, Inventories or Tenancy Agreement renewals. We aim to provide a high quality service for our customers - our Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

Deposit Protection
All private landlords and letting agents taking tenancy deposits in Scotland are required to safeguard them with a Government approved tenancy deposit protection. Your deposit will be held by The Letting Protection Service Scotland at no cost to you.

Landlord Registration
Since 30 April 2006 it is a legal requirement for landlords to be registered with the Local Authority so that they can check that they are fit and proper people to let property. Our registration number is 03129/100/09580. You can check whether a property that you may be thinking of renting is registered here.

Granite City Property Rentals is responsible for insuring the property but is not responsibile for tenant's or visitor's belongings. We strongly recommend that you insure your belongings.

We do not provide telephone lines in our properties but tenants can have telephone lines installed. Our tenants are free to change suppliers of gas and electricity to obtain the best value for money.

Council Tax
Council Tax payments are the tenant's responsibility.
Students may be exempt from Council Tax and single people may receive a 25% reduction. There are other exemptions/discounts for which you may be eligible. For more information on Council Tax and to check whether you are eligible for an exemption or reduction please visit the Aberdeen City Council website.

If you would like any further information please contact us at .

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