Granite City Property Rentals

Code of Conduct

The aim of this code is to provide you with a brief statement of the standards that we at Granite City Property Rentals adhere to when dealing with you as our tenant.

You will be treated with appropriate courtesy and respect.

We will always act in a fair, honest and reasonable way in all our dealings with you.

You will be provided with a written statement of the terms of your occupancy.

We will acknowledge promptly all communications received from you.

We will, when so requested, provide you with a written statement of your tenancy account.

We will respect your rights to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property.

All disrepair in the property for which we are responsible will be attended to promptly, with minimum disturbance to you.

We will, emergencies excepted, give you reasonable notice when access to the property is required by us or our tradesmen.

We will supply you with a telephone number or other means of contacting us in an emergency; in particular when we are absent.

We will give such reasonable assistance as is required by a local authority to enable you to claim housing benefit.

We will provide you with accommodation that complies with all legal requirements relating to the fitness of accommodation.

Before proceedings are commenced, you will be notified of any breach of the tenancy agreement that is to be used as a basis for legal proceedings against you.

At the end of the tenancy, we will return any deposit paid by you promptly with, if required, a written statement accounting for and explaining any deductions. You will also be told of the steps you can take if you are not satisfied that the deductions are fair and reasonable.

We will not refuse you a reference for the purposes of securing a new tenancy, without good cause.

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